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State Income Tax Information


The Commissioner of the Revenue's office can offer assistance with:

·         estimated tax payments

·         full year, part year and non- resident income tax returns.

·         inquiries concerning income tax returns and assistance with correspondence from the Department of Taxation

·         federal income tax returns

·         daily online data entry of state income tax returns and estimated income tax payments


Federal Tax Information

Commissioner of the Revenue office offers assistance with Federal Income Tax through the VITA program.

The Lee County Commissioner of the Revenue Office is proud to serve our community as a designated VITA site by the IRS. This service is not a required duty of the office, but is done as a public service by the Lee County Commissioner of the Revenue Office. VITA sites are designed to help low and moderate-income taxpayers complete their annual tax returns at no cost. Every year, beginning in December and continuing until mid-January, the Lee County Commissioner of the Revenue office staff receives training from the IRS to help prepare basic tax returns. The VITA program was founded in 1971 at California State University. From that point, the program has grown from a small group of dedicated accounting students to what is now a nationwide program that serves millions of taxpayers. VITA sites generally assist low to moderate income tax return filers. Taxpayers can find the nearest VITA location by calling 1-800-906-9887, by dialing 211, or by searching the IRS location database at If you would like to prepare and electronically file your own taxes for free, please visit

​If you plan on our office assisting you with your income tax preparation this year, you can now fill out the Intake/Review Sheet prior to coming to our office. Simply fill out the form, print it and bring it with you to the office along with your tax records. This will help speed up the intake process and allow us to work more efficiently to serve you.

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